The Belgium Qualifier was full of new experiences to me. First, I flew via Birmingham on a Friday, which means that the planes are full. FFM - BIR was not as crowded as I thought & BIR - GLA was only visited by about 1/3 of the people the plane can carry, but we had a delay of 30 minutes: We were waiting for a plane from Bruxelles!! After the Belgium couple, who was so in love, took their places, we left.

Next day I found out, that I had no ticket, it hasn't been send to JB as it was planned. So plans had to be changed, we drove to Hampden for a new ticket. This gave me the chance to make some pictures of the ground from the inside. After all, we met the rest of the bunch just 15 minutes before kick-off.

I've never seen a first minute goal of Scotland before & I am not sure to see one again.     I've never seen a last minute goal against Scotland & I hope to never see one again.        

This time it was the first time I had something to be called a good equipment, a digital Video cam. The introduction for using this high-tech thing was quite short, two pints & a pee. So it is not surprising that at whole I made a 15 minute video of the match, unfortunely the cam was in my bag for about 13 mintues of this. What I saved was the anthem, the penalty & Loch Lomond from the halftime, but at the moment I have no idea how to bring this to these pages. And to be honest the qualitiy is not professionel. But things only can become better.

The rest was as always, including several changes of plans, phantastic although I missed Munich Tartan Army, Ralf & girlfriend and Sven who promised to send me photos of the San Marino match on wednesday, which I missed.